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This device adopts high-efficiency planetary transmission, and the transmission output efficiency is 97%, which is better than the motor driven oil used in the market. Compared with the pump and the oil pump, the oil pump can save up to 50% energy, and the device can increase the screw speed, 0-250
Turn to stepless speed regulation, does not affect the torque, such as the original oil motor drive: oil pump displacement 63cc x 2000 turn oil
The displacement of the motor is 800cc per revolution, then 63 x 2000 800 = 157.5 rev / min, which does not include the internal leakage of the oil pump and the oil motor. If the oil pump and the oil motor are subtracted, the internal leakage will not exceed 150 rpm.

In summary, the advantages of this screw drive are as follows:

  • Energy efficient.
  • When the screw is worn, the corresponding speed can be increased and the time of melting can be shortened.
  • With this device, the glue does not affect other actions, and the opening and closing mold and the glue can enter simultaneously

lines can increase productivity.

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